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Four Marketers Getting It Right (and Wrong) on Facebook


  At this year’s Web 2.0, Mary Meeker shared a staggering statistic: the number of people on social networks today exceeds the number of Internet users in 2006. Seventy percent of those individuals use Facebook. Never before has a brand had such rapid adoption, frequent engagement and deep trust. The Facebook phenomenon has executives scrambling to respond to questions from their CEOs and boards, namely “What’s our social strategy? What are we doing with Facebook?” And this scrambling has ignited a rush of activity. Facebook has seen a massive influx of advertising dollars ($3.8bn projected this year). Ad agencies have … Continue reading


A Word To The Wise: Brands Need To Be Social With Their Social Content


If you build it, will they come? With all of the social tools available and used in the market today it’s easy to think your customers will know what to do when your e-commerce site brings on a new tool, but that is not necessarily the case. It’s important when a retailer adds new social options such as reviews, question and answer or social engagement tools to their site they communicate this new functionality to their customer base.  Announcing new features can lead to higher customer adoption, spur further conversation among their community and increase content to their site, all … Continue reading


Calculating Social Commerce Performance (3 Need-To-Knows this Holiday Season)

Article originally posted in ClickZ on October 11, 2011

    Cathy Halligan SVP, Sales & Marketing, PowerReviews   In a previous column, I outlined the reasons why the business case for social is unclear. One of the top reasons is the confusion around which social tool to apply to achieve the desired business outcome (brand, marketing, sales, service, or insight). While many CMOs can rattle off how many Facebook fans one has, very few can cite the following stats, which drive traffic, conversion, and therefore, sales in social. Social is the creation and exchange of user-generated content (UGC). Consumers have consistently indicated that the UGC with the greatest impact … Continue reading


The 4 Biggest Facebook Marketing Blunders Hurting Your Brand (And How to Right Your Wrongs)


  It’s the multimillion-dollar question: What’s the ROI of a Facebook campaign? Usually, that question is answered from a brand or marketing perspective, which leads to much head-scratching and vague conjecture about “greater visibility.” That’s because the marketing campaign that drives brand reputation and awareness isn’t the same as the program that drives sales through customer conversations, joint buying and game dynamics. CMOs are approaching Facebook as an experimental advertising platform, not a viable business-building platform. Simply put, CMOs are doing it wrong.   There is a strong and compelling business case for Facebook and plenty of evidence that the … Continue reading


4 Benefits of using “Questions and Answers” for Businesses


While product reviews are the backbone of Social Commerce and Facebook is the community of choice, questions & answers can often be overlooked.  A recent study from the e-tailing group has found consumers are spending significantly more time researching products before making purchases. Half of the people polled in the survey said they spend 75% or more of their shopping time researching products and they rank Q&A as the 2nd most important social tool for research behind customer reviews. However, the benefits do not stop there. In addition to being a highly effective research application that is proven at driving … Continue reading


6 Concepts for Maximizing Your Customer Reviews Imprint this Holiday Season

As another holiday season approaches – don’t neglect the conversion impact that ratings and reviews provide!  Did you know about Netshops’ 26% sales uplift on products with reviews 1 or that Danner found that users are 25% more likely to buy a second item they view after reading reviews for the first one they don’t 2? So it’s clear how important reviews are in a consumer’s buying cycle, but what should you consider as you’re re-prioritizing your engineering queue this month?  At PowerReviews we’ve found that these small concepts can pay dividends this holiday season: If you haven’t already done so, set up your review … Continue reading


“Verified Buyer” – The Key To More Stars, Better Reviews

Online shopping, it turns out, is a lot like gambling: people tend to focus on the times they hit the jackpot. And looking through our network of 23 million+ reviews, there are a lot of winners: the average rating in the PowerReviews network is 4.17. 4.17 stars may seem awfully high. But there’s a felicitous reason why in product reviews — as in Lake Wobegon — everything is above average. Lots of high ratings = lots of reviews = lots of happy customers. You see, most reviews come from verified buyers, which are customers who purchased the product and were … Continue reading


Six Signs of Shady SEO


(We want to make our blog as interesting and useful to our readers as possible, which is why we occasionally solicit outside contributions from partners and other folks we work with. As a many of you know, we think understanding and improving SEO is an incredibly important part of any online business, so we’ve asked our friend and SEO consultant AJ Kohn to share a few best practices here. We hope you enjoy reading this as much as we did.) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is now a vital part of any organization. Unfortunately, it can often be difficult to select … Continue reading


The Impact of Personalizing Your Post-Transactional E-Mail


It is well known that 80-90% of all reviews on your product pages are a result of a post transactional email. Merchants who implement a follow up email program see not only an increase in the volume of reviews but also a more favorable distribution of review ratings. But what makes an email campaign most effective? PowerReviews works with merchants across a variety of verticals and a number of industries. Taking stock from our viewpoint, personalization of messaging allows for increased reviewer response and stronger customer relationships. Your customers and potential reviewers are inundated with countless emails daily. In order … Continue reading


Tell Me A Li’l About Yourself: How Online Identity Enhances Product Reviews

  Written by Ben Merkel – QA Analyst “The Social Media Revolution.” When confronted with that phrase, I’m sure many of us conjure up images of Facebook walls and Twitter feeds, of virtual farms and pithy celebrity musings, of little thumbs popping up over all of our favorite sites. But this popular conception of social media glosses over its most revolutionary aspect: you are no longer a passive observer of but an active participant in an online world, that your identity can now extend past the keyboard and on to the web page in front of you. While interactivity has … Continue reading


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