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The Facebook IPO: How to Succeed in Business by Breaking Stuff


“Move fast and break stuff.” That’s Facebook’s mantra. While unconventional, there’s no denying that it’s this unorthodox approach that has helped the social giant amass nearly 1 billion users worldwide and claim the title of consumers’ network of choice. With a much-heralded IPO looming (any day now), and a rumored valuation of $100 billion, it’s worth taking a look back at how they got here, reflecting upon the critical decisions that they’ve made along the way. The following are 5 principles that have helped shape Facebook over the years, along with key takeaways that can be applied to nearly any business … Continue reading


“Likes” Don’t Equal Sales: F-commerce Gives Way to Social Commerce

show-me-the-money (1)

Social’s having it’s Jerry Maguire,  “show me the money,” moment.  Millions of dollars have been spent on social media marketing campaigns, approaching nearly 20% of total marketing spend in just a few years, according to CMO.org.   These campaigns have produced millions of fans, tweets, and likes, not to mention employing scores of young professionals, but a very simple but powerful question remains: What is the value of a Like? Calculating The Value of A Like Forrester’s Nigel Fenwick’s recent analysis of the topic came up without a dollar figure.  Last year, Forbes also tried to answer the billion-dollar question.  In … Continue reading


Four Marketers Getting It Right (and Wrong) on Facebook


  At this year’s Web 2.0, Mary Meeker shared a staggering statistic: the number of people on social networks today exceeds the number of Internet users in 2006. Seventy percent of those individuals use Facebook. Never before has a brand had such rapid adoption, frequent engagement and deep trust. The Facebook phenomenon has executives scrambling to respond to questions from their CEOs and boards, namely “What’s our social strategy? What are we doing with Facebook?” And this scrambling has ignited a rush of activity. Facebook has seen a massive influx of advertising dollars ($3.8bn projected this year). Ad agencies have … Continue reading


PowerReviews Bi-Weekly Industry News Roundup


And we’re back with another installment of the PowerReviews Bi-Weekly Industry News Roundup! Here’s the past two weeks’ worth of the most topical industry news for your reading pleasure. So dive in, posthaste! To the chagrin of brick and mortar retailers everywhere, the online retail giant Amazon introduced a promotion last week that gave shoppers up to $5 off if they scanned a bar code with its mobile application, and then purchased that item online. Already hurting from the reeling economy and consumer propensity to shop more online, small to mid-size businesses all over the country called foul. In response … Continue reading


A Word To The Wise: Brands Need To Be Social With Their Social Content


If you build it, will they come? With all of the social tools available and used in the market today it’s easy to think your customers will know what to do when your e-commerce site brings on a new tool, but that is not necessarily the case. It’s important when a retailer adds new social options such as reviews, question and answer or social engagement tools to their site they communicate this new functionality to their customer base.  Announcing new features can lead to higher customer adoption, spur further conversation among their community and increase content to their site, all … Continue reading


The 4 Biggest Facebook Marketing Blunders Hurting Your Brand (And How to Right Your Wrongs)


  It’s the multimillion-dollar question: What’s the ROI of a Facebook campaign? Usually, that question is answered from a brand or marketing perspective, which leads to much head-scratching and vague conjecture about “greater visibility.” That’s because the marketing campaign that drives brand reputation and awareness isn’t the same as the program that drives sales through customer conversations, joint buying and game dynamics. CMOs are approaching Facebook as an experimental advertising platform, not a viable business-building platform. Simply put, CMOs are doing it wrong.   There is a strong and compelling business case for Facebook and plenty of evidence that the … Continue reading


Facebook’s 2011 F8 Developer Conference – A Social Commerce Perspective


“The Next Few Hours of an Engaging Conversation” Image from Facebook. By now thousands of blog posts have gone up about today’s sweeping F8 announcements.   The biggest intro, of course, is Facebook’s new Timeline feature: intended to create a scrapbook of your life in order to drive increased engagement and a deeper emotional connection among users.  “We think it’s an important next step to help tell the story of your life,” said Mark Zuckerberg.  The Timeline functionality was followed by a series of features and changes to the platform that are intended to place Facebook in the middle of everything … Continue reading


Introducing Facebook Discovery and Facebook Community


Facebook is the undisputed heavyweight among social networks. Consumers now spend more time on Facebook than they do on email. It’s where your customers are, and it’s becoming an important platform for commerce and source of traffic for retailers. So if you’ve been standing on the sidelines, ignoring those emails from management asking what your “social strategy” is, don’t fret. Today, we at PowerReviews are releasing two new products that make stepping up your social game on the customer’s community of choice as painless as possible. Facebook Discovery lets your customers receive updates from the products and reviewers they’re interested … Continue reading


Google +1 Launches: What Google’s Social Reinvention Means for Facebook

  “The most important thing to remember is this: To be ready at any moment to give up what you are for what you might become.” – W. E. B. Du Bois Today Google announced its +1 button for websites. Rather than providing an exhaustive analysis, I wanted to frame a more focused discussion on why Google is making this move, and the opportunity it presents for e-commerce. Today’s announcement marks the inevitable collision of the biggest trend of the last 10 years—Search—with the most important development for the next 10 – Social. If my math is right, the year … Continue reading


Infographic: A Review Shared to Facebook is Worth $15.72