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Character Building

One of the things we hear over and over from our clients is how expressive our reviews are given our tag-based structure that allows reviewers to quickly identify those product benefits and characteristics most important to them, and of course, relevant to the reader! And not ones to sit on our laurels, we recently launched two improvements to the review submission process that have both achieved early successes. They talked, we listened. Several of our clients, both pure-play and multi-channel retailers, told us they would love to further engage their customers in the review process by allowing them to specifically … Continue reading

eTail Mid-Market 2007 – San Jose

It was with great honor that I served as the opening keynote speaker for the recent eTail Mid-Market event in San Jose (October 2007) and continuing on as Chairman for that entire first day. And besides the spotlight, which admittedly brings out the best in me, the real benefit from serving as chairman is that you get to be right in the thick of things and fully engaged in all of the conversations. And what conversations they were! There was an enormous amount great content shared at the conference and to include it all here would be nearly impossible. So … Continue reading

Proud as a Peacock

As my best friend from grade school used to say “Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!” It is with much pride that our online shopping portal Buzzillions.com was recently recognized for Outstanding Achievement in Website Development by the Interactive Media Awards(TM) (IMA). The honor was based on design, usability, and innovation in technical features with specific excellence in Retail—quite a heavy tribute indeed! I would like to publicly give props to Jim (Jimbo) Morris, VP and GM of Buzzillions.com, for the exceptional work he and his team have done. This is the third IMA win for Buzzillions.com in 2007 as this past … Continue reading

Happy Halloween – Very Scary Unsupported Statements – BOO!

Happy Halloween! You think this is scary? Well wait until you read this The latest in a series of unsupported boasts by the “other player” in this market claims (without any quantifiable or auditable support documentation) that their new ask and answer product yet again drives a huge increase in sales – “products with 2 or more answers convert at 22% higher sales”… This “bear” of a fact is hard for me to swallow without any proven data being offered up in support since any number of issues could be the real drive for the increase: the company had a … Continue reading

The Forrester from the Trees…

Talk about setting your self apart from all the rest, the Forrester Consumer Forum hosted by Carrie Johnson, Vice President, Research Director, and Christine Overby, Principal Analyst, two weeks past in Chicago did just that. Having attended and or spoken at dozens of these type conferences, I can honestly say that this event was one of the best. In addition to the outstanding keynote speakers including Christy Hefner, Chairman and CEO of Playboy Enterprises, and Christina Norman, President of MTV Networks, the content throughout both days was current, rich and informative beyond expectations. Now I usually would not attend this … Continue reading

Shopping 3.0

In the Beginning… As my new friend Joe Chung, CEO of Allurent (hey Joe, I am your new biggest fan) stated so eloquently in his recently published Shopping 3.0 white paper… in the beginning there was Shopping 1.0 – the non-catalog shopping experience when users actually went into stores and interacted directly with the product and salesperson. And although we certainly have much to celebrate in terms of the enormous progress we have made since then in the overall online shopping experience, until just recently I have always thought that for the past 10 years or so, shopping online was … Continue reading

Shop.org Annual Summit 2007

It’s Vegas Baby Well, I’m just back and recovered from a incredible and informative three days in Vegas at the annual Shop.org Summit! And not only was it the biggest to date, but I found it certainly to be the best. The content was rich, motivating and inspiring and the trade show floor well attended with both retailers and vendors armed with questions all about customer reviews! In fact, user generated content seemed all the rage during the show. And not from just a retailer perspective, but vendors seemed more engaged than ever and interested in how their services would … Continue reading

And so it begins…

Kicking and Screaming Enough already. I’ll do it, I’ll do it. As of this writing I am throwing my hat in the ring and declaring myself a blogger. But in doing so, I am not making any promises in terms of frequency, topics, or respectfulness of my output. I do promise to be entertaining, most times thought provoking and unabashedly 100% honest – at least in terms of how I see this crazy world of ours…which I love so much! So to all of you out there who asked to hear what I have to say about “stuff” and keep … Continue reading

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