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Come out of hiding Mr. or Mrs. No Comment

I assure all you product reviewers there is nothing to fear, it’s okay to leave a comment. In fact, we insist on it! And here’s why… After processing a few million reviews we know a thing or two about customer reviews, one of which is that star ratings – when it comes right down to it – are really not as “valuable” as one might think. Why? Because the average rating given those two million plus product reviews is 4.2 out of 5 stars. And this high average is not unique to the PowerReviews (www.powerreviews.com) merchant network, as Bazaarvoice (www.bazaarvoice.com) … Continue reading

Big News: We are the Best!

While I wouldn’t publicly make such a statement, I can certainly tell you when others think that. In fact, lots of folks have been saying so these days. In their just released article “If You Build it, They Will Shop.” Inc Magazine, Sept. 2008. declares PowerReviews to be the Best Tool for Customer Reviews. We are both thrilled and honored to be recognized by such a prestigious periodical and will wear that moniker with pride and conviction for the great work our company does in the field of customer reviews and the incredible way we are helping our more than … Continue reading

Looking for a Running Mate

Call it viral marketing, the snowball effect, or just plain common sense appealing to today’s common man…or just call it all about me. Ever since I was seen carrying that torch those many months ago, there has been a groundswell movement a foot. And for those that know me well and have been to my office, those pictures of me and Hillary and me and Teddy Kennedy may just have to move over just a bit per this exciting piece of news. The word is out! www.news3online.com If elected, I will serve – that’s a no brainer. The bigger question … Continue reading

The Recommending Recommender

Last year I bought a new digital camera. Of course I read all the reviews and picked the right one for me – great for travel, easy to use, simple controls and fits in front pocket. And like the rest of you out there, I was in a huge rush during the online shopping process so I quickly ran through the online ordering process, caring only that it would arrive before I left on vacation, which of course it did. The real “problem” occurred when I opened the package during my flight to Buenos Aires, instantly realizing that the memory … Continue reading

Olympic Glory: Going for the Gold!

Sorry about the lack of blog postings these days but who can blame me? These Olympic Games have captivated me like no other and I have been riveted to not just the TV but web updates and broadcasts from the moment I wake-up! This morning’s news. that the USA Olympic Team crossed the 100 medal threshold count with a combined 102 medals (31 Gold, 36 Silver, and 35 Bronze) put a big smile on my face and not because we are “big winners” in this game, but the manner in which we do it! We work hard, play right and … Continue reading

Customer Reviews Made My Weekend!

This past weekend I had a blast…and all because of customer reviews! I flew down to my old hometown in Orange County, CA this past weekend to attend my second-cousin’s 5th Birthday Party! And like most birthday parties for 5-year old kids, there was an overabundant amount of single-digit aged kids as well as enough sugar around to power every ant farm in the world! It took just 10-minutes, therefore, for my panic to sink in as I began to assess my best chances for survival. I quickly looked left, then right, scanning both the crowd and the overall scene … Continue reading

This Little Piggy Went to Market…

(The picture is of me at the luau party commiserating with the little piggy that just “stayed home.”) Folks, I feel just like this pig as I am nearly wiped out from going to market – the four-day eTail East 2008 event which just concluded last week in Washington, DC. Not only was this a big sales show for us, but a big marketing show as well. Dozens of our clients were in attendance with many honored to serve as Chairman, Speakers or Panelists during the four days. Here are just a few of the fun folks that stopped by … Continue reading

Calling All Small Online Retailers!

As I am sure many of read in my last blog or perhaps read in the recent article our friends at Internet Retailer Magazine penned earlier this week PowerReviews To Test Customer Reviews Service for Smaller E-Retailers. This vision of ours, to bring to market a review solution designed with the challenges that smaller online retailers face in mind, has certainly created waves and an intense BUZZ in the marketplace – a little earlier than planned! So in the spirit of fully embracing opportunity, I am pleased to announce PowerReviews Express: the new ON DEMAND review solution by PowerReviews specifically … Continue reading

The Word is Out

With just a simple slip of the tongue in the blogging world and months of research and product development spills out well before its intended time. And that is exactly what just happened to our soon to be launched exciting new product and service. The tech copywriter contracted to write the integration documentation got a bit carried away at having completed the assignment. He was so excited in fact, that he posted (in painful detail) key pieces of information to his personal blog. That post along with subsequent others now allows me to make the following announcement. Ladies and gentleman, … Continue reading

Saving the Best for Last!

After two nights of networking fun under the stars and an entire day of superior content, what could possibly top it all off on the last day of the Shop.org Online Merchandising Workshop? Two words: Fiona Dias. And while Raul Vasquez from Walmart.com (www.walmart.com) may have hobbled up to the stage on crutches on Day 1 (poor guy tore a tendon) and secured audience empathy, Fiona opened her keynote on a brighter note. She shared with us all that she was a safari child. Yup, the former CMO of Circuit City and CEO of Circuit City Direct and now EVP … Continue reading

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