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Author: Blake

Blake is Sr. Marketing Manager at PowerReviews focused on demand generation and social strategy. He's got 10+ years experience in web-based technology and is currently based in New York City. You can find Blake on Twitter: @blakeandwhtie

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Ladies and gentleman, the time has come for our latest round-up of the can’t-miss industry and social news as of late. In this installment: Facebook Login success stories, Google’s most recent move to compete with Amazon, and a call to question how we measure Facebook’s impact on consumer behavior. Enjoy! 1. Driving Social Commerce with Facebook Login For those of you fence-sitters out there — and we know there’s still a few of you out there — here’s yet more proof that you should get with the Facebook program. Since implementing Open Graph actions like “bought” or “faved” on its website, … Continue reading

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Since we’re coming off a long weekend, here’s a little amuse-bouche to start off your hectic work week. Our latest round-up stories from the past few weeks that you might have missed… 1. Meet the tireless entrepreneur who squatted at AOL We all know startups inspire their employees to work long hours and give their all. They attract creative improvisers and people who will go to crazy lengths to get their businesses off the ground. Well, 20 year-old entrepreneur Eric Simons just one-upped them all: he spent two months squatting — undetected! — at AOL’s Palo Alto campus, eating the … Continue reading

The Facebook IPO: How to Succeed in Business by Breaking Stuff

“Move fast and break stuff.” That’s Facebook’s mantra. While unconventional, there’s no denying that it’s this unorthodox approach that has helped the social giant amass nearly 1 billion users worldwide and claim the title of consumers’ network of choice. With a much-heralded IPO looming (any day now), and a rumored valuation of $100 billion, it’s worth taking a look back at how they got here, reflecting upon the critical decisions that they’ve made along the way. The following are 5 principles that have helped shape Facebook over the years, along with key takeaways that can be applied to nearly any business … Continue reading

4 Must-Reads You Can’t Afford to Miss: Group-Gifting, Essential Social Strategy & more

Another two weeks have come and gone, and you know what that means, right? It means that this May Day, we’re bringing you the latest round-up of industry news from across the social/e-commerce universe that you might have missed when blinking. In this installment… 1. Social Gifting: The New Buzzword in E-commerce Daily deals, flash sales, f-commerce – every day, there’s some crazy new trend that mashes social and e-commerce together. The latest arrival to the party is the phenomenon of group-gifting. And the darling of group-gifting is Wrapp, a startup based out of Sweden that has some notable backers like … Continue reading

3 Must-Reads You Might Have Missed: Facebook’s Mobile Takeover, Web Adoption Over the Years & more

Following a big couple weeks in the world of social commerce, we’re back again with our trusty roundup of the “need-to-know” industry news that you might have missed. In this week’s installment: 1. Facebook’s Mobile Takeover As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Or a billion dollars, if Facebook’s recent acquisition of photo-sharing app Instagram is any indicator. The social networking giant has been on a bit of a mobile-app shopping spree of late. In addition to its much-ballyhooed Instagram acquisition, the company also snapped up Tagtile, a customer loyalty app geared towards local businesses. Not sure … Continue reading

Lessons from Facebook’s Instagram Acquisition: 3 Tips to Supercharge E-commerce Media with Social

Unless you’ve been living under a vintage-effect-filtered rock, you’ve probably caught yesterday’s Facebook news, announcing their acquisition of mobile photo-sharing network, Instagram. If they hadn’t before, the small San Francisco company definitely “knows what’s cool” now, with the deal totaling $1 billion in cash and stock. The amount of content being shared on Facebook is increasing at an exponential rate and, according to what many have dubbed “Zuckerberg’s law,” sharing on the world’s largest social network is now doubling every two years! It’s not surprising to find that much of that sharing is happening around user photos and videos, with … Continue reading

4 Must-Reads You Might Have Missed: Facebook Brand Timelines, Flash Deals via Pinterest & more

There’s no such thing as a slow news day in the realm of e-commerce and social. In our fast-paced digital world, full of oversaturated RSS readers and a million tweets per minute, you can’t turn around for a second without missing some exciting announcement or happening. Fear not, my friends… in times like these, you can always count on PowerReviews to deliver our regular roundup of the “need-to-know” news from the past two weeks. In this week’s installment: 1. Facebook Timeline Rolls Out to All Brand Pages You were just getting the hang of having a page on Facebook – posting … Continue reading

iPad Users Convert More Quickly, Smarter Email Strategy + Siri and The Future of Mobile Shopping (Bi-Weekly News Roundup)

Two weeks have gone by in the blink of an eye and it’s time for another edition of PowerReviews’ roundup of all the news you need! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that this is iPad 3 week. The Apple faithful will line up around stores across the country to be the first to have the device in hand, and your Twitter will be blowing up with iPad-related commentary. If the savvy folks over at Fab.com are any indication, online retailers have plenty of reasons to be excited, too. The company did a deep data dive and … Continue reading

New Facebook Features, Pinterest for Brands & The PowerReviews Essential Social Suite Launch. (Bi-Weekly News Roundup)

PowerReviews Bi-Weekly Industry News Roundup It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s…a bonus double edition of PowerReviews bi-weekly news roundup of all the news you need. Let’s jump right in. With 900 marketers in the room, it’s a wonder Sheryl Sandberg managed to get a word in edgewise at Facebook’s first fMC marketing confab. But they were wise to take heed as the social networking giant had much to unveil: Timelines for brands, a Reach Generator feature to increase the number of eyeballs brand messages reach, and a raft of changes to their ad offering. And over in the retail end of … Continue reading

Infographic: A Review Shared to Facebook is Worth $15.72