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What South Park Taught Me About Social ROI

If you’re like me, you enjoy watching South Park.  The episodes are a no holds barred take on current events, fearlessly making light of anything and everything.  If you’re a fan, you may recall an episode from an early season where the plot centers on what are known as “underpants gnomes.”  The basic storyline is that the boys of South Park discover gnomes are stealing everyone’s underpants in an attempt to turn a profit.  When Stan, Kenny, Kyle and Cartman confront the gnomes on their stealing ways and question how they can turn a profit from underpants, the gnomes don’t really have an answer.

Does this sound familiar anyone?

How about in the context of social media campaigns? With Facebook stock still faltering and not performing to expectations, and GM’s announcement they’re ending all advertising on the social network, there is a lot of uncertainty around to the true ROI of social.  So what do the underpants gnomes have to do with social campaigns? Most online brands and retailers are no better than the gnomes. They’re amassing tweets, likes, fans, and other social content with the hope of monetizing somewhere, at some point down the line, but are uncertain how that’s going to happen exactly.  A lot of these companies have skipped over “Phase 2″ altogether in their planning, the critical link critical between social and profit.

In a recent webinar, we zeroed in on just this topic, how to create the bridge between social and sales. Simplified, making this link is much more straightforward than one might expect:

  1. Encourage customers to generate social content directly on your site and reward them for engagement
  2. Make sharing of that social content out to social networks easy and effortless to drive more traffic back to your site
  3. Measure all social content from creation to sales to identify the most effective campaigns and repeat

Want to avoid being an underpants gnome yourself? In our Social ROI webinar we cover these steps in detail, highlighting top brands winning in social, and offering tactical steps that you can apply to your business today to start realizing ROI in social.

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Jessica is a marketing coordinator at PowerReviews, handling all online advertising, webinars, and demand generation. You can find her @JFayeSf

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