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Skechers and Teleflora go from Super Bowl to Super Social (2 Free Studies)

If you’re like me, you’re as much as of a fan of the Super Bowl commercials as you are of the game itself. You may even recollect two memorable 30-second spots from Skechers and Teleflora from this past year. To refresh your memory, the Skechers ad features the loveable Mr. Quiggly, a French Bulldog, who rocks red Skechers running shoes as a late entry a Greyhound dog race. The Teleflora ad features the “not-so-unfortunate-looking” Miss Adriana Lima, who proceeds to dress herself after… umm, better leave it at that I guess.

Today, the two leading retailers are back on the national stage for a different reason: success in social commerce.

Fueled by their focus on improving the customer experience through innovative social, Skechers and Teleflora recently launched a variety of social offerings that are as unique and strategically aligned as they come. Their success has served as a benchmark for other businesses to aspire to.

Here are their stories.


After struggling to find an efficient way to answer customer questions online, lifestyle footwear brand Skechers tapped PowerReviews for an easy-to-implement Q&A solution. Social AnswersTM provides customers with rapid answers to their questions while serving as a living FAQ and powerful SEO asset on Skechers.com.

As a result of implementing Social Answers, Skechers saw:

  • 80% open rate for answer notification email
  • Over 50% of those emails resulted in a conversion
  • Significantly reduced support costs
  • and more.

Download the Skechers Case Study to get the full story and learn how they did it.


Teleflora, the nation’s premiere online floral destination, sought to deepen on-site customer engagement with a powerful social experience. Using PowerReviews’ Social LoyaltyTM solution, Teleflora created a comprehensive loyalty program for its customers. The program incorporates proven gamification techniques – in the form of customized points, badges and incentives – to reward customers who contribute and share social content. The result of the program was a highly engaged community located directly on Teleflora.com.

In just one month of using Social Loyalty, Teleflora saw:

  • 92% increase in conversion on Facebook-referred traffic
  • 10X increase in user-submitted videos and photos
  • and more impressive results

Download the complete Teleflora Case Study to see additional results and learn more.

Talk back: How could you imagine Skechers and Teleflora incorporating some of this valuable social content into next year’s Super Bowl commercials?




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