We’ve been acquired by Bazaarvoice, Inc (NASDAQ: BV)!

Our combined team will bring together the very best of both platforms. To learn more about the acquisition, read the press release, and visit Bazaarvoice.com.

The Crowd in The Cloud: Marketo, Crowd Factory, and The Value of Social Integration

It was great to see our friends at Crowd Factory make the choice to join the excellent team at Marketo. Marketo continues its history of innovation in marketing automation by adding social marketing campaign capabilities; and Crowd Factory gets instant access to Marketo’s customer base to further bolster their growth.

This acquisition also further legitimizes social’s important role with marketing automation and CRM.  (Also see SalesForce.com’s acquisition of Radian6 and subsequent rebranding of the company as delivering the “social enterprise,” for another example.) Marketo’s customers now have a strong partner that will help them to answer the key social questions we are all asking ourselves these days, “What is our social strategy?” and “How can we move beyond just increasing our Facebook likes?”

Why Social Integration? Why Now?

Why do we care at PowerReviews?  Well, while we are always happy for our friends, we also see this as a validation of our point of view of the B2B software buyer:  that leading brands want integrated, cloud-based platforms that enable their innovative business models. Whether the buyer seeks CRM, marketing automation, ERP or Social commerce solutions, integrated, cloud-based, suites provide the innovation that brands need, while avoiding the headaches of integration or lengthy customizations.

No matter how “strategic” a partnership might be, the cost of customization, integration, and ongoing maintenance of two separate platforms is simply not worth supposed benefits.   And buyers know that they can get innovation from software without these headaches, because they have know what the “value” of strategic relationship truly is.  Many of them used highly customized, multi-vendor integrated solutions in the past. (see Seibel’s partnership with nearly 1000 vendors, and the resulting loss of market share to the integrated, cloud based Salesforce.com for more evidence here.)

A Complete Social Platform

It’s the innovation that PowerReviews delivers that keeps our customers ahead of their competition.  That’s why, when we designed the Essential Social Suite, we made sure it delivered a fully integrated suite that enabled our customers to innovate in their marketplace.  And it’s exactly this integrated approach that Marketo continues to deliver on.

How do we know this is what leading brands want from their social commerce partner?  Well we simply listened to what our customers were telling us, and responded with great products and relationships that keep companies from Staples to Toys R Us, and over 1500 others, ahead on the social curve to create competitive advantage everyday.  And, not to mention as a core benefit of PowerReviews is that it gives our customers timely and accurate insight into their products, I guess you could say we were also eating a bit of our own dog food.



Dave currently leads product marketing at PowerReviews. Dave provides software start-ups with easy-to-understand, compelling and customer-proven messaging, marketing programs and sales tools that have been turning B2B software browsers into buyers for over a dozen years. Prior to this role, Dave held product marketing, demand generation and market research positions at KACE (acquired by Dell), ServiceMax, Amdocs and The Yankee Group.

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