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Climbing the Ladder of Social Success: How Step2 Creates Advocates with Loyalty

One of the joys of my job is that I get to hear real feedback from our customers and more often than not, the feedback is glowingly positive.  Last Wednesday we put on a webinar with Tena Crock, Online Marketing Director of Step2, the nation’s largest manufacturer of plastic toys.  Tena spoke to an audience of 200 or so about the benefits Step2 has seen since implementing a loyalty program in February.

Tena knew Step2’s customers were huge brand advocates and talking about their products on the Internet, especially on Facebook.  As she put it, “Moms are so passionate about social media. They’re on Facebook, they’re asking their friends for advice on products. We wanted to give them a tool to facilitate this in a natural and easy way.”  Step2 wanted to be able to reward and encourage their customers for being advocates, and encourage that conversation to happen on the Step2 site.

Loyalty is a hot trend and gaining traction in e-commerce.  For Step2, loyalty meant being able to do 2 things:

  1. Encourage their customers to interact and contribute valuable content to the site and, more importantly . . .
  2. Recognize and reward those top customers with points, badges, and even shopping incentives.

With Social Loyalty™, Tena can quickly look at her leaderboard and see who is contributing the most content and what mommies are “buzzing” about.  That insight was simply not obtainable from looking at a Facebook Fan Page alone.

In addition to the insights gained, Step2′s loyalty program resulted in real business benefits, including:

  • 6X increase in user-generated images and videos
  • 135% increase in Facebook-referred traffic
  • And more . . .

To see all of Step2′s results and learn how they did it, watch a recording of the live event by clicking here.

To learn more about PowerReviews’ Social Loyalty solutions and how it can benefit your brand, click here.


Jessica is a marketing coordinator at PowerReviews, handling all online advertising, webinars, and demand generation. You can find her @JFayeSf

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