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Lean On Us: As Told by PowerReviews Clients

by Yvonne Gando, Social Commerce Analyst

Why Our Clients Trust Us

Yesterday, Paul Dunay wrote an incisive post on the Avaya Insights blog entitled “2010 – Welcome to the Age of Customer Service” in which he remarks, “Every business must recognize that customer service is now their primary business. B2B marketers should…work on enabling their customer service to be as good and as socially agile as possible.”

In light of Dunay’s insights here, I’d like to build on his argument and dub 2010 the Age of Customer Engagement. And, the first step, as many have forayed into in 2009, is listening intently to what your customers are saying.

Our clients lean on us to provide the social commerce tools and insights they need to ensure that their customer’s voices are heard—so that they can successfully drive greater levels of customer engagement and better customer service. But, all of this is dependent on how well we listen to our own clients in our ongoing conversations with them.  How do we measure up?

We don’t toss around the word “proud” very often, because we’ve always felt that the success stories of our clients and the meaningful relationships we have built speak for themselves. But, we will say that we are pleased with the following testimonials given by our clients on why they feel they can lean on us.

Evo Logo“Most all of my experiences with PR have been positive. They have been very open to feedback and suggestions and even introduced several features based on feedback from our company. Further, they’ve been committed to making the relationship work and accommodated our unique circumstances. They bring to the table everything you could ask from a partnership: open communication, many improvements to the product, and a unique focus on win-win scenarios.” (Evo)

Diapers.com Logo“It’s been a wonderful relationship for us – PR has been interested in our business needs and concerns, but given all the smaller clients they have, I imagine our relationship is rather singular.” (Diapers.com)

Step2 Logo“I enjoy working with PowerReviews because they are very approachable and take time to understand how our needs are unique compared to those of a typical online retailer. PowerReviews helps our customers tell our brand story to prospects and other customers. ” (Step2)

drugstore.comLogo“They took the time to learn our business.  It sounds simple, but so few vendors really do that anymore.  PowerReviews did not treat us like every other client.  They didn’t view our implementation as cookie-cutter; rather they worked to understand what was unique for us.” (drugstore.com)

And take a peek at some of our client testimonials captured on video, below.

Staples on PowerReviews

Drugstore.com talks about working with PowerReviews

And, don’t forget to check out the PowerReviews channel on YouTube for more videos on why our clients trust us to help them grow their businesses and tell their brand stories through the voices of their customer communities.


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