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Charts We Heart: A Brief Look at Social in 2009 and Looking Ahead to 2010

by Yvonne Gando, Social Commerce Analyst

2010 Social commerce predictions abound online as we close out 2009.  Below, we touch on 2009 highlights of social and take a quick look at what’s on the horizon in 2010.

Bringing it back: we start with a familiar image by Matt Hamm that gained popularity as the deluge of social media platforms competed for eyeballs and engagement….and consumers and retailers alike hopped aboard…

…And with the rise of the tweet and the poke, we move onto Brian Solis’ Social Media Map to navigate through The Conversation Prism 2.0.

Conversation Prism 2.0

Below, a  closer look at adoption of social media tools into the next 12 months (September 2009, PowerReviews Community and Social Media Study).

PowerReviews Community and Social Media Study

Who rose to the top? What conversations are being heard through all the noise?  Below, check out the  Top 10 Social Networking Sites as of November 2009…

Top 10 Social Networking Sites

As we shift from adoption to utilization, it’s essential to ask:  how are businesses planning to spend their ad dollars on social networking sites into the new year?

Ad Dollars Spent on Social Networking Sites

And, how will marketing dollars shift into the new year?

Areas of Marketing Spending Growth

Where does mobile fit in? And how do marketers plan to spend their ad dollars in this emerging channel?

US Mobile Spending Through 2013

What’s next?

What challenges will retailers and marketers face in 2010? What are some of the social commerce highlights of 2009 that caught your eyeballs?  We invite you to share your thoughts.


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