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A Gracious Good-bye

I can still remember the first time I met Andy Chen – and it feels like it was just yesterday! Once I got used to Andy’s spunkiness and scrappiness of PowerReviews’ then marketing efforts, I became a huge fan and supporter, and going forward spent much of my time making sure Andy got the introductions to whomever he wanted – I wasn’t even a customer yet!

In fact, I didn’t become a customer for nearly a year later. And it was during the contract signing that I told Andy – “Do you know what you have here? This has the potential to be HUGE, way beyond reviews; this is about fundamentally changing the way people shop online.” I believed it 100% then and I believe it 125% now.

Now, after 18 months as the VP Worldwide Sales & Marketing at PowerReviews, I feel the foundation has been laid, and the fun part of my job is done. During this period, PowerReviews has become one of the industry’s most recognized and respected ecommerce companies. It is with much excitement, and an enormous sense of pride, that I begin seeking out my next big challenge. As of today, I will no longer be managing the day-to-day sales and marketing efforts for PowerReviews. I will, however, stay connected and involved in the company in an advisory capacity until year end.

In the meantime, I encourage you to stay tuned for exciting new developments from both PowerReviews and Buzzillions.

All my best,

Jay Shaffer


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  1. Jay, I wish you the best of luck! Good Luck in your next ventures!

  2. Ric Robins says:

    Good Luck jay. Hope you will continue your blogging efforts and can’t wait to see what you take on next!

  3. Jay Shaffer says:

    As your namesake, I watch and marvel at your achievements. I hope nothing but the best for you in this new chapter of your life. I like to call it forced entrepreneurship :-)

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