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The Recommending Recommender

Last year I bought a new digital camera. Of course I read all the reviews and picked the right one for me – great for travel, easy to use, simple controls and fits in front pocket. And like the rest of you out there, I was in a huge rush during the online shopping process so I quickly ran through the online ordering process, caring only that it would arrive before I left on vacation, which of course it did.

The real “problem” occurred when I opened the package during my flight to Buenos Aires, instantly realizing that the memory card that comes with the camera is as basic as it gets, allowing me to take only 8 pictures before it runs out of memory. If only I had been reminded to buy an additional larger memory card during the shopping process I could have avoided spending half of my first morning in paradise looking for a camera shop in order to buy a hugely over-priced starage card.

Luckily, memory cards are fairly easy to find. But what if it had been something more critical, something that kept me from taking even a single photo on my holiday vacation? Avoiding this kind of experience  is at the heart of the new Social Cross-Sell function available in the PowerReviews review solution and here’s why I think is such an important new feature:

What could be better than someone giving a great product review? Someone who recommends other products to go along with it, giving a complete “product experience” review, that’s who!

Here is what I mean…

If you are familiar with our tag-based review solution, then you know the incredibly valuable insights that are shared about a product during the review submission process. But why stop there? What if we could make it easy for that same enthusiastic customer to share even more insights – giving further advice and insights about how to get the most from using that product? Well we have with the introduction of our new review solution feature Social Cross-Sell.

Working with our dear friends at B&H Photo we developed a highly impressive new feature to our review solution, Social Cross-Sell, that is designed to leverage the enthusiasm of your customers and capture highly credible and influential cross-sell and up-sell recommendations during the review writing process.

In a nutshell, Social Cross-Sell adds two questions to the review – “Accessories I Recommend” and “Similar Products I Own” – and then displays the recommended products within each review as seen here:

Social Cross-Sell in action!

Social Cross-Sell in action!

The application here is endless as matching product to product for the best ultimate combined “product experience” is universal, including my favorites of skis and bindings, shirts and ties, shoes and belts, and of course my personal favorite peanut butter and jelly.

To learn more about this new functionality simply contact client services at accounts@powerreviews.com and learn how easy it is to further empower your shoppers, turning them into recommending recommenders!


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